Earn Extra Money By Bringing In New Hosts


What is an Air Ambassador?

Air Ambassadors are our representatives out in the community. They’re smart, ambitious people who help us spread the word about hosting on Airbnb and sign up new hosts in their city. Air Ambassadors get paid for every new host they bring in, with the potential opportunity for increased leadership at Airbnb.

Can I be an Air Ambassador?

Yes! Being an Air Ambassador requires an understanding of Airbnb and the benefits of hosting with Airbnb. That’s information we can provide for you. Beyond that, we’re looking for people who can lead, can inspire others, and are open to trying new things. Being a host yourself is always a plus, but not a requirement.

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Where do Air Ambassadors Work?

Airbnb is looking for Air Ambassadors in five major North American markets: Denver, San Diego, Seattle, Toronto, and Vancouver.